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Winning the lottery sounds great, but be careful what you wish for. TruTV.com has compiled a list of stories regarding various lottery winners and if their.

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The NBA Draft Lottery sells hope, but history shows that franchises bad enough to land the No. 1 pick are seldom good enough to surround that player with championship.

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This is a common conversation starter among friends, family and first dates.

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Winning the lottery sounds great, but be careful what you wish for. TruTV.com has compiled a list of stories regarding various lottery winners and if their...

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This is what commonly happens with lottery winners,. can explain how a multimillion dollar lottery winner can call her money a curse just a month.

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Everyone knows that the lottery can not only bring wealth and horror stories, when people.Lottery Winner Statistics. Percent of lottery winners who had spent their entire winnings within 5 years: 44 %: Percent who increased contributions to charity.Kari Van Horn. 70 percent of lottery winners end up broke within seven years.Many winners befall the so-called curse of the lottery, with some squandering.

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For lottery winner Lucien Nault, it might have been better to have no luck at all.

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Winning Lottery Numbers: What a Curse Believe it or not, many people regret ever having winning lottery numbers.

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Sheekey who disappeared after her pub quiz team syndicate won a fortune on the lottery. Lottery Curse (22 Sep.

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Curse of the Lotto: How the Millions Can Ruin Lives. By Complex. Jul 31. Within two years of winning the lottery,.

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A skeleton uncovered in the foundations of a swimming pool is identified as Cheryl - a young, pretty lottery winner reported missing 17 years ago.The Virginia home of a Powerball lottery winner, who has experienced an onslaught of bad luck since claiming his jackpot, was destroyed in a fire on Friday.By some estimates, two-thirds of lottery winners are broke within seven years.The curse of the lottery: Why winning the Powerball could kill you The tragic stories of big jackpot winners.

Winning the lottery may seem like a dream, but many winners say that dream can quickly become a nightmare.While some winners have gone on to provide support for the theory of the dreaded lottery curse, others appeared to fare better, or even do some pretty generous deeds.Jack Whitaker, a prime example, was a successful business man prior to winning the jackpot so I assume that he thought.

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The fact is, for many lottery winners the only outcome is pain and tragedy.

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This 7 success stories disproved the theory of the curse of the lottery.